The Kiss THat Broke My Ribs

Welcome to the “A Miracle in the Making” 2021 Catalogue of Fine Art – the definitive reference for information about the life and work of John Joseph Dowling Jr. With a career that spans over four decades, he has produced an astonishing amount of work: several feature films, documentaries, music videos, over 3 million photographs, 5000 museum quality fine art prints, and 225 fine art composited, digitally painted NFT’s and he is still creating to this day. We have also put together his biography, which details his youth through current days. It details his mental state, his influences, and the world in which he lives. We hope to share John’s creative legacy with as many people as we can, and give his creative genius the appreciation it deserves.

INSPIRATION The Kiss That Broke My Ribs was titled by the artist based on a real life experience. John was kissed by a much younger, beautiful model (on the opposite page) and immediately fainted and fell down a snow covered mountain in the Swiss Alps. When he asked the model why she kissed him, she replied “I told you I could act.” When John’s been asked if it was worth it, he often says yes. However, the inury halted John’s commercial photography career for several years.

PRODUCT DETAILS– This 30’X40” print delivers a vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution. The standard for museums and galleries worldwide is a printing process utilizing millions of ink droplets. They are “sprayed” onto high-quality canvas paper. With a great degree of detail and smooth transitions of color gradients, Dowling’s prints appear significantly more realistic than other reproduction prints. Utilizing techniques first learned in traditional darkrooms, combined with the most modern software tools he creates thought provoking abstract “Illusionistic” multiple exposure AI assisted 3D mirages of color. “It’s taken a lifetime to learn how to create abstract and traditional fine art photographs. It’s very spiritual. I think people feel more love for themselves when they see themselves embodied in a unique and amazing piece of art (no matter what the medium.) But for me, the illusionistic and abstract nature of them fulfill my need and obsession to create.”

$149,500 with NFT issued from your preferred NFT marketplace
Limited Edition1/100 30″ X 40″ Museum Quality Canvas Print $4,950

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