Cinematography By John Joseph Dowling Jr.

I’ve produced thousands of corporate and social videos, a full length feature film, TV Commercials, reality series, and Television Shows over my twenty five years as a photojournalist and Producer. Here are just a few examples of my work. I manage all aspects of pre-production, production, directing, film as the director of photography, edit, create motion graphics, and write the scripts for most every production I produce.

While I enjoy working with a team I find it extremely rewarding to create with my clients start to finish personally, but I am a team player. Whether it is completing an entire project “Gorilla Film-making style” or creating with a team as a DP, Director, Editor, Post Production Supervisor, Show-Runner, or writer; I’m in if the project is interesting and funded.

Below please see lower resolution versions of the 1080p 4:2:2 versions of the originals. In many cases the productions are limited to ten minutes for viewing to conserve space and share the general story of the content.

Corporate Branding Video for First Empire Securities produced by John Joseph Dowling Jr. 
Simon Properties SIMON FASHION NOW B2B sales collateral video produced by John Joseph Dowling Jr.
Corporate identity video for Citiquiet by John Joseph Dowling Jr. This video was used extensively to educate potential customers on the product and its value. Both on a B2B and B2C basis. This was also used for recruiting and corporate branding purposes. This is another example of a production that I took from concept through scripting, storyboarding, and post production personally.
East End Oysters (first 10 minutes of a 1.5 hour documentary) a documentary about two lobster farmers who were going bankrupt because there was a lobster die off on Long Island the previous season. This is a documentary about how they rebuilt their lives by becoming the first oyster farmers in the Peconic Bay a year or so after they started. It demonstrates my love for using music as the narrator and shooting without the assistance of artificial light at sunrise and sunset. Very heartwarming success story.
Keller Williams and Google Partnership on using Artificial Intelligence and one integrated software application for state of the art Real Estate Sales and automation. Stephen Gendel Interview video produced by John Joseph Dowling Jr.
Madison Theater at Molloy College First Season Highlights Produced by John Joseph Dowling. From the very first rehearsal to the end of the second Gala Performance for the premiere of the Madison Theater I as the video producer documenting everything. I shot every performance with three cameras and a crew and did all the post production on those performances personally. Some aired on television some were sent to the producers of the performances including several equity and union performances. Was beautiful to experience the classical and modern style performances both while filming and during the very time consuming post production and editing process. This is the highlights reel I produced for fundraising and the original promotion of the theater.
The Clark Gillies Foundation Long Form Video Produced by John Joseph Dowling Jr. This video literally had everyone crying in the room when it premiered at the annual fundraising Gala for the Clark Gillies Foundation. Not only did everyone cry but they raised substantially more funds after viewing this video than they did in their entire history and Clark received a much deserved and his first standing ovation. Truth be told we were both taking turns crying during the entire production process. While the efforts to support children and children with cancer were very successful, the underlying stories of the families were both heartbreaking and miracles at the same time.
On location Venice Italy for Model Citizens Magazine with Celine Morel. The Runner up to the Ms. Switzerland contest and now celebrity blogger and trendsetter in Italy. Produced, directed, filmed by John Joseph Dowling Jr. I very often perform interviews off camera and leave my voice in. I become an invisible character in the interview and it often assists those who are not professional actors navigate an interview quite flawlessly as I have become quite proficient at interviewing for most any topic. This is an example of an interview where I leave myself in to create dialogue when my subject is not experienced.
In this world premiere video from an unknown artist featuring Sports Illustrated Supermodel Melissa Baker, I chose to use the performers very well defined bodies to promote this video. I also chose to shoot it in black and white as a throwback to Aha’s famous music video. It’s quite steamy and as we all know sex sells. What made this easier to direct is that they both truly were falling in love at the time. Was heartfelt and beautiful at the same time.
Prime Restaurant promotional video footage (used for multiple purposes in different cuts)
Blackstone Restaurant Car Show Short produced by John Dowling Jr.
Short Scene from the feature film I produced and directed The Town That Banned Christmas
Directing and Producing a 1.5 hour documentary for the country of Turks and Caicos Musical and Cultural Festival. Here is the main camera interview of Neyo by our former host Jill Nicolini.
Reality Series Premiere Trailer about Long Island Nightlife
Social Media Interview with fine art model Lynn Chevron for The Long Island Journal.
Maison Belle Claire / Romano Brands Corporate / Social Media Video
Social Media Short For Gary Coutier Produced by John Joseph Dowling Jr.
Raw footage Interview with Stephen Dorph on the feature film FELON for the online Series HD Interviews produced, directed, edited by John Joseph Dowling Jr.
Breaking News (Viral Video) shared by thousands of social media sites concerning spraying of Roundup directly in ponds where children were swimming and Bald Eagles were nesting.
Short clip I produced for Inside Edition with Pat O’Brian for Inside Edition interviewing Bonjovi.
Social Media Ad for the online series Startup featuring the host of my celebrity interviews series Jill Nicolini Interviews, Jill Nicolini. Before Jill was an anchor on network television I produced a 26 episode series featuring Jill and countless celebrities.
In 2012 I was creating a plethora of content for the main stream news media, network television, social media OTT networks, and my own OTT network before the internet became the dominant viewing choice. I was quite honored to receive press credentials for New Years Eve Times Square main stage for the second time for both photography and video. This was an amazing performance and my footage went viral and was seen around the world.
I was honored to be asked by the Madison Theater to produce a short segment at Silver Cup Studios in Long Island City. Both I am a great fan of Silver Cup as it is legendary for filming some of the most successful TV series in the history of television like Seinfeld and 30 Rock. Most people do not recognize me with short hair and about 100 pounds lighter. But yes that is me directing Alec Baldwin while my production assistant filmed me. Just some behind the scenes footage of me Directing and Filming Alec Baldwin at Silver Cup Studios. I have worked with Alec and his family now for years on the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation. Even to this day I still get a kick out of working with such talented and successful entertainers and teams.
This is a video I produced and filmed for social media and the seasonal club Body English. This was a very successful shoot as I also shot photographs and combined the results of the White Party and Little Black Dress party to create this dynamic promotional video. This video went viral and was a very successful social media marketing video. It is an example how I allow videos to work both prior to sound playing on social media platforms, and how music takes over as the narrator once the viewer’s interest is peaked enough to watch and listen.
SERENITY NOW CAMPAIGN: I often create television or social media television commercial from initial concept, scripting, and storyboarding, all the way through post production. In some cases if stock footage is available and affordable I have no ego I will certainly pay homage and support those artists who are creating content and offering it economically. Often I mix both stock footage, footage I have or a client has (color grading and using creative editing) and create a world class marketing piece out of the combination of footage. Same with documentaries. This was a short commercial for a company who makes specialized windows which reduce sound from traffic and construction and other unwanted noise sources. Was extremely effective and demonstrates how the above Industrial informercial and this short form TV commercial worked along with photographs to create an amazing campaign.
INDEPENDENT FILM AD: Often you only have 5-15 seconds on social media ads for a promotion to play. You need to get your message across before a viewer has the inclination to press “Skip Ad” this is a demonstration on how to use movement, energy, and timing to obtain tangible results in 5 seconds. In this 5 second ad we promote a library of independent films for free and ad supported viewing. We create a sense of urgency with movement and the urgency with the speed of Jill’s voice.
This is a very interesting interview and some behind the scenes footage of Kelly LeBrock the star of many films decades ago like Weird Science and The Woman in Red. Those that knew her back in her prime there was no one more beautiful or who had a more “desirable” figure. She was also quite funny despite the fact many people did not recognize her genius sense of humor back then. When Kelly was considering a comeback and during a photoshoot at 345 Hudson in NYC I both photographed Kelly and interviewed her along with a few 80’s male supermodels, Bill Curry and Tony Spinelli. I recognized her immediately despite the decades that had passed since she had made her family and philanthropy her priority in life. I do believe most people will never forget her first line in the Weird Science Feature Film “So what would you little maniacs like to do first”? I hope you enjoy this retro video as much as I did making the full length documentary.

Willie Nelson Always on my mind: Willie was appearing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square NYC and I managed to obtain permission to film the entire concert from Willie and his son once they arrived. Willie was on tour promoting sustainable-renewable biodiesel and his health was severely challenged. They were not sure that he would be performing again in the near future or at all so they asked me to film the entire concert despite the fact I was there to produce another episode of my entertainment series and only expected interviews. Never did I think I would be asked to produce a full length documentary. It was an honor and I filmed three and a half hours straight with no intermissions. The entire documentary about the event and the importance of renewable energy sources was over ninety minutes. This was one of my favorite parts of the performance, Always on my Mind at the Hard Rock Cafe. I have produced more theatrical videos and performance videos than I can remember so it is always a blessing when I can recover footage from tapes as compact flash SD cards did not exist at the time of filming. Shooting 1080P was rarely shot when I shot this many years ago.

This is the full length Interview and pilot for Model Citizens the video series that accompanies the Model Citizens Magazine the digital magazine I once published. This demonstrates how I integrate music as a narrator at times, photo-montages, and video to allow the subject of the video to tell a story to the viewer directly. At times I leave my interviewing audio in and at others I cut it out and replace with video that tells the story. This is Melissa’s story about coming back to NYC after taking years off from her modeling career and once again attempting to make it in the entertainment industry as an actress and a model.
LONG ISLAND PORTFOLIO is a new online series featuring video walkthroughs of homes available on the market or that are simply architectural gems. This is a short social media marketing video that promotes the home that is being offered in it. My production company is available to create these professionally produced video walkthroughs for all budgets and timeframes.
Gamma Labs TV Commercial. This is a perfect example of combining stock HD footage combined with custom graphics and originally produced video to create a world class TV Commercial without breaking the bank. Obtaining shots at mountain peaks would be cost prohibitive but at the same time provide great value. Despite the cost to obtain the stock video footage it was still only about 5% of the cost of shooting it personally. When ever possible especially with products like these I do bring budgets in far below estimations by using this approach. Of course it is not always possible to create a commercial for a local business using stock footage, in fact it is rare, but that being said it is very helpful in projects like this one for Gamma Labs who sells internationally over the Internet and retailers. As I often do I used music as the narrator as often many social media viewers watch and do not click so the message is always developed for those who watch without sound and those who choose to click on the video after it has already started playing and watch with sound. Critical in todays Social Media Marketing environment.
Nashville Street Performers and Honky Tonk Musicians documentary using music and Mandoline Mike as the the narrator. Full length 60 minute runtime. I often deliver content to multiple distribution channels where they have their own narrator and branding so frequently I deliver content like this lightly branded so it can be customized for the distributor and network it is playing on; often many.
Venue grand opening Naples Florida Highlights Video for ultra conservative events produced by John Joseph Dowling Jr.
If you would like to see entire episodic series or additional diversified content please view the hundreds of video and photographic blog posts on my multimedia blog here
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