Intensive Care NFT By John Joseph Dowling

“People have long used art to store value,” Dowling told Model Citizens Magazine. “Crypto extends easily into digital art. This is just a more modern approach to investing in art and using it like someone would use gold or bitcoin.” Art is and has always been a reliable investment often outpacing even the real estate and financial markets. I am showing and offering canvas prints of my fine art for the first time in 20 years! Individual pieces have been retailing for between $1,000 and $4950.

I’ve been a master printer and digital artist for decades and art is more than a financial investment, it provides countless hours of personal joy to collectors who cherish my creations all over the world. Art is both an investment and a purposeful asset, collectors are filled with love and inspiration when they truly connect spiritually with my art. I just started so I am feeling out the NFT (none fungible transfer) market… as recently an NFT sold for 70 million. People seem to absolutely love my style of fine art and of course, I am very grateful for that. I have created and printed about 500 prints on canvas and I am now showing them privately. About 250 of my pieces are multiple exposure AI-assisted compositions that I hand paint digitally.

They are one of a kind and can take years to complete.I hope to get between 25 and 40 million for the entire collection of NFT’s. ($150,000 on average each) …… In the meantime, I have some unique ideas on how to create value for charities and collectors alike. Here’s a quick review….1. I provide world-class content in the form of life-size canvas prints of my photographs of Long Island and Long Islanders for fundraising and the attraction for networking and charity events. I bring in from 100 to 400 life-size prints for auction and sale and we split the proceeds 50/50 (5k guaranteed or 1 print sale for small exhibits $9500 or 2 print guarantee on Large Exhibits… (then 50’50)2. I also convert offices and homes into art galleries that both entertain and create revenue streams for companies and individuals. ( prices are very economical and we rent/lease/ or sell from $25 per month per print after the initial deposit and install)3. I offer exclusive ownership of my digital original art in the form of NFT’s ( from $100,000 to $495,000 that investors and collectors buy as a way of generating wealth over time. (Modern art and collectibles appreciate often even faster than real estate)

Here is the link for INTENSIVE CARE. An NFT’s that is up for auction on (a Mark Cuban Company)

Many digital artists, fed up after years of creating content that generates visits and engagement on Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Instagram while getting almost nothing in return, have lunged headlong into the NFT blockchain/cryptocurrency market. These artists of all kinds—authors, musicians, filmmakers are taking part in a creative revolution in which NFTs transform both our creative process and how the world values our art, now that it’s possible to truly “own” and sell digital art for the first time. “There are so many people from different backgrounds and genres purchasing digital art, connecting with artists, who potentially see a huge return on their NFT investments,” Dowling says. “We put so much of our time and ourselves into our work. To see ourselves compensated on an appropriate scale, it’s really a breakthrough.” Technologists, meanwhile, say NFTs are the long-promised blockchain revolution that is radically transforming consumer capitalism, even now the US government is about to issue its own cryptocurrency.

Owning an NFT is analogous to having possession of the deed to a house. The deed is a record of ownership, not the house itself. Similarly, an NFT is a record of ownership or authenticity of a digital asset, not the asset itself- like a photograph or digital work of modern art. Crypto art has been around for over half a decade, but for many people outside of the crypto world, these digital assets, known as non-fungible tokens or NFTs, have seemingly come out of nowhere. So, what’s driving people to get in on the NFT mania, investing anywhere from hundreds of dollars, to in some cases, tens of millions? Crypto art investors say it’s a combination of several factors, including the economic ups and downs, the rise in use of cryptocurrency/bitcoin popularity, and the unbelievable return on investments they are seeing on modern works of art and photographs.Digital artist Mike Winkelmann — more commonly known as Beeple — made history when he sold a crypto art piece for nearly $70 million. Other artists like Grimes and 3LAU have also made millions in a matter of hours dropping crypto-art collections.

Creators and buyers alike have seen significant profit from crypto art. In February, an art collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile first showed just how lucrative the market can be when he resold a piece by Beeple for a nearly 1,000% increase over its original price.”People have long used art to store value,” Dowling told Model Citizens Magazine. “Crypto extends easily into digital art. This is just a more modern approach to investing in art and using it like someone would use gold or bitcoin.” Art is and has always been a reliable investment often outpacing even the real estate and financial markets. Dowling predicted the rise of cryptocurrencies long before most and has invested literally the last ten years of his life, and four decades in total, into creating a digital portfolio of his own amazing art, just like others have invested in gold or the stock market, Dowling has invested in his own digital portfolio.

At the moment of this communication, Dowling estimates that his personal portfolio is worth somewhere between 45 and 50 million dollars. For the first time ever John is now offering his art on a rental, lease, and through purchases both through the NFT (cryptocurrency) market and through traditional currencies. Investing in art is no guarantee but most who do, know that great Art like Dowling’s often skyrocket in price once the more sophisticated art dealers and collectors find out about a new digital collection becoming available. Dowling now shows his art through curated exhibits and private showings where hundreds of thousands of dollars or cryptocurrencies are used to purchase his various personal creations. To raise money for your charity, Dowling even offers 50% of the proceeds from private auctions to charity.

For more information, a private showing, or purchase, kindly call John at 3104973203 or email John at

Author: John Joseph Dowling Jr.

I am the executive producer and director of photography for all of the content on this site. I am available for any size production or photographic opportunity.

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